Adam and Belinda are talented songwriters, musicians, and singers who have written and performed songs internationally. They have caught the attention of all ages and cultures due to their eclectic style. In an effort to better describe themselves and their music Adam and Belinda have adopted a phrase that initiated the creation of an original word which titles this CD. "Eclectic in style, electric in energy...Eklectricity!"

Knowing the gift they’ve been given comes from God, one decision has been clearly made, no matter where they go, Adam and Belinda will be seen unrestrained, with open hearts, giving their all for the creator.

* Makes it easy to learn...

  1. -   The colors of the rainbow

  2. -   The 12 months of the year

  3. -   The 7 continents

  4. -   Counting by tens

Rainbows has been Kid tested...teacher, parent, grandparent and children approved!

The Rainbows CD has been and is currently being used in preschools, elementary and home schools!

Adam and Belinda have now created a Children's CD that was inspired by their desire to make learning fun for children. With puppets, children and their own voices, the songs are enjoyable for everyone and is designed to be an incredible educational tool.

Some of God's most inspiring promises are mentioned in the book of Psalm.

Adam and Belinda have taken some of their favorite Psalms and put them to music. These songs have a very contemporary sound with auto-tuning on the vocals to spice things up a little. Maybe scripture memory has been difficult for you in the past...but not anymore! As you listen to the New International Version of the bible in song you will find yourself quickly singing along. In no time you'll have verses memorized possibly entire songs (Each song is 1 whole chapter from the book of Psalm).


The Auto-Tuned Version

Adam and Belinda are frequently involved in missions. There are many doors opened to them to share the gospel through song, drama, and preaching. If you would like to make a contribution to assist with these missions efforts simply use the donation button provided below.